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Silicone Performance Charge Air Pipe - P2 S60 V70 XC70

IPD - 120706

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IPD’s over the engine charge air pipe offers the ultimate in style, function and performance. The one piece wire reinforced silicone design offers state of the art appearance under the hood. The seven layer silicone is almost impervious to the cracking and breakage issues that cause so many diagnostic problems with the stock aluminum or plastic pipes. The single continuous run offers smoother flow and lower turbulence than any other product available. There simply is no other option for the discerning turbo Volvo fanatic. 

This piece looks like it would be right at home in a professional race pit or aerospace facility. While this pipe will tempt some to remove the hood from their car, we recommend leaving the hood on, but feel free to open up frequently and share!

The factory charge air pipes on these cars are prone to breakage at the mounts and cracking from boost pressure. Many customers have experienced prolonged diagnostic problems causing multiple trips to the shop, eventually traced to cracks and breakage in the charge pipes. The IPD design simply cannot crack and has fewer unions and clamps to virtually eliminate this possible problem. Additionally the factory charge air pipe decreases to a smaller diameter in multiple locations making it flow far less air than appears on the top of the engine. Our single piece continuous design eliminates unions that disturb air flow and maintains diameter through the entire length from turbo to intercooler.

Our charge air pipe also incorporates a 1 inch diameter boss for those wanting to install an external diverter valve or blow off valve. If you're sticking with the factory bypass valve incorporated into your turbocharger simply leave the billet plug installed in the boss in the pipe.

Kit includes complete over the engine charge air pipe, billet IPD support bracket for pipe transition over the intake manifold/fuel rail and 2 new hose clamps for a complete, simple install.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

2004-2005 S60R and V70R models use a v-band style of attachment at the turbo outlet. To use this silicone OTE pipe on those cars, you will also need this v-band adapter.

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