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IPD HD Diverter Valve Polished - S60R V70R

IPD - 121131

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The factory compressor bypass valve (CBV) leaves a lot on the table when it comes to efficiency. The TD04 CBVs are notorious for rupturing the diaphragm from heat and higher boost levels. The KKK series turbochargers do not seal well inside the CBV causing the turbo to overwork to maintain consistent boost levels. Adding an external diverter valve can maintain efficient boost levels and lengthen the lifespan of your factory turbocharger.

The IPD HD diverter valve is machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum and uses an alloy piston for extended lifespan and durability. It installs with our reinforced silicone intake and charge pipe (specific for P2 S60/V70) or your custom pieces with 25mm bosses. If you’ve already installed an aftermarket turbocharger that doesn’t incorporate an integrated CBV, this is a perfect option for you.

We utilize the latest technology in lightweight internal piston valving to ensure optimum bypass response at all times. IPD bypass valves are an optional 50% recirculate, 50% vent system that retains the factory recirculation function. This keeps your engine control system happy without tossing any “unmetered air” check engine lights. IPD’s diverter incorporates an additional vent with a removeable plate that sends hot air to atmosphere if you want that amplified “whoosh” sound. The valve is adjustable, allowing the user to fine tune to the individual set-up. It has far greater flow and more consistent response than the factory rubber/plastic CBV for better control. This valve makes flutter a part of the past and is a must have for high performance builds. 

NOTE: When using this HD Diverter Valve with factory Turbochargers we recommend you block the factory Compressor Bypass System.

Outlet: 28.2mm OD

Inlet: 27mm OD

Vacuum Hose: 8mm OD

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