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Link: forums.ipdusa.com 

We're a big fan of matthewsvolvosite.com and the great resourse they've become. They have excellent technical articles for any Volvo owner to help you perform pretty much any DIY job.

The Volvo Owners Club has been around since 1962 so we know about the Volvo brand, its heritage and why they earned the reputation for safety and longevity.

Whether you are interested in vintage classics or the more current models, the VCOA has a lot to offer. Volvo Club of America is the largest organization of Volvo owners and enthusiasts in North America. Membership provides owners of Volvos the opportunity to attend events & meets, a subscription to the outstanding Rolling magazine, local chapters, discounts on service and parts from a large network of associated Dealers and Independent Service Organizations and much more.

VSA is the car club dedicated to the Volvo P1800, including S, E, and ES models. The club also supports Volvos various other models from the PV444 through the Amazon, 140, and 160 series. In 2003 the decision was made to recognize all out-of-production Volvos.

Volvo. You gotta love the balance of raw power and elegance within this company. That is why their Volvo mechanics love these cars. Who wouldn’t love taking a high speed turn at 50 mph and not feel a thing? - www.columbiaautoworks.com

Puget Sound Chapter, Volvo Sports America
Gary Ramstad, Chapter Coordinator
5115 NE 188th, Seattle, WA 98155-3014 USA
Voice 206-365-6913
e-mail ramslfp@hotmail.com

Puget Sound Chapter, Volvo Club of America

Washington Volvo Club
5300 Yorktown Road, Bethesda, MD 20016 USA

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www.Volvo-forum.nl (Netherlands)
www.volvo-forum.be (Belgium)
www.Turboperformanceclub.com (Sweden)
www.Volvo4life.es (Spain)
www.S40Concepts.net (USA)
www.V70r.com (Canada)
www.Vclassics.com (USA)
www.164club.org (Sweden)
www.Vvspy.com (Belgium)
www.Swededemon.com (Netherlands)
Amazon.forum.bilia.se (Spain)
www.Volvolution.co.kr (Korea)
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