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PB Blaster

PB Blaster 16PBDS - 103935

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PB Blaster
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Oil, fluids & chemicals

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Over the years we've tried many different penetrating oils and lubricants. You'll still find WD-40 and Liquid Wrench around our shop for general use, but when it comes to difficult applications like turbo charger and exhaust manifold fasteners we use B'LASTER because it works where others won't.

There is simply no comparison, you have to try it to believe the difference and to see for yourself the effectiveness of B'LASTER. If you are a serious Do-It-Yourselfer or professional mechanic and aren't already using this stuff, give it a try. We guarantee it will outperform whatever you may be using and will save you time and money on those difficult fasteners we all dread.

If you are using the well respected KANO "AERO KROIL", it has been our experience that B'LASTER works significantly better and is also much faster. The continuous comment of "Wow, this stuff works great!" and then the question, "where'd you get it" from friends and co-workers led us to make it available to customers. B’LASTER is a powerful concentrated penetrant that loosens, rusted, warped and frozen parts. Breaks loose surface tension of rust and corrosion quickly by creeping up, around and into hard to reach cavities. B’LASTER displaces water and does not evaporate. This 16 oz. can sprays upside down for those hard to reach spots. Capillary action actually pulls itself uphill. Lubricating film stays on part to help prevent further rusting or freezing.

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B'laster is a manufacturer of lubricants and a full range of chemicals that are useful for a variety of industries.

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