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Replacing Exhaust in 200/700/900 Models

2011-03-04 - IPD Staff

Although replacing a worn-out exhaust system is not too difficult technically, it can be physically challenging, especially if you live in an area where corrosion and rust is a problem due to road salt,etc. Fighting rusty clamps and broken bolts only to find that the pipes themselves seem to be welded together can be very frustrating.

If you don’t have a torch, the job that normally takes about an hour can end up taking all day with a hacksaw and chisels. I have had good success using an air hammer with a chisel bit to chisel stubborn pipes apart.

PB'laster can go a long way towards making the job easier, but if you haven’t had much experience with exhaust work and you’re not the patient type, save yourself the skinned knuckles and a headache by spending $60 to $100 to have the system professionally installed by a shop.


Before starting, inspect your old system to make sure it has not been modified in such a way that the replacement system may not fit. You may need to replace some parts upstream or correct a shabby repair from the past as It’s not uncommon for the exhaust to be bent or re-routed due toworn out motor and transmission mounts or other bent or damaged parts.