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Brake Junction Block

MTC VM395 - 113725

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Genuine Volvo - 1273052, 1273732

Product Description

The most common problem with the brake line junction block is intermittent leaking of brake fluid through the contact switch. It can be tough to diagnose as the leakage is very inconsistent. Replacing the block should be left to a pro or an experienced do-it-yourselfer as there are 8 steel brake lines connected to it and it’s not much bigger than a D-cell battery so you can imagine how tight it is to work on. Also, the brake system will require a complete bleeding when finished

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Does not fit models with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS).

After installing, do not use the standard pedal-press brake bleeding method or a positive-pressure power bleeder from the brake reservoir. See the brake bleeding tech tip below for safe ways to bleed triangular brakes.

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