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Brake Junction Block Balance Switch Kit

Skandix 1021461 - 141476

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Product Description

Cars with triangular (dual-circuit) brakes like the 240 have both brake circuits coming together at the brake junction block. A piston inside the junction block sits between both brake circuits; if one of the circuits starts to leak, the pressure difference between the good and bad circuit pushes the piston to one side until the safety switch pressed against the piston makes contact, illuminating the brake warning light on your dashboard.

It's not unheard of for the switch itself to go bad, even if both circuits and the junction block itself are okay. This repair kit by Skandix includes a new seal, switch body, spring, and contact, so you can restore your warning light function and get back to a serene, error-free instrument cluster.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

If your brake junction block is leaking at this switch, then you need a new brake junction block, not a new switch. There should not be any pressurized brake fluid behind this switch. If there is, it is an indication of the junction block piston seals leaking.

Fits non-ABS cars only.

If bleeding your brakes, do not pedal bleed or positive pressure bleed. See the tech tip below to safely bleed triangular brakes.

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