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Oil Filter Cartridge OX149D

Mahle OX149D - 103882

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One Year Parts Warranty
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OE References
Genuine Volvo - 1275810, 1275811

Product Description

Modern Volvos (1999 and newer models) with 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines use a black plastic spin-on canister that holds the oil filter. Please check your Volvo to be sure.

Mahle is the Volvo OE supplier for cartridge style oil filters. We sell the same filter Volvo sells except that ours come in a Mahle box and don't say Volvo on them. The picture at left is for comparison only.

These filters come with a black o-ring style seal for sealing the canister.

We occasionally get contacted by customers and technicians telling us that this filter doesn't fit in the housing.This is the correct filter and must be pushed firmly in to the housing. It will "snap" in when pushed firmly. The filter has a foam material on the sealing surface. If it isn't tight, it won't seal and will allow dirty oil to get past the filter.


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About Mahle

Mahle has been manufacturing high quality products since 1920.  Mahle is one of the largest manufacturer of filtration products in the world.  Many OEMs including Volvo use Mahle for many of their OE products.  For example, in many cases, the filter you buy in a blue Volvo box will have Mahle branding on it.  Mahle offers the same quality products to the aftermarket that is does to the OEMs.  In addition to filtration, Mahle also produces engine parts such as pistons and engine gasket sets.  Mahle recently acquired Behr which expands their coverage in to other high quality products such as thermostats and heating and cooling system parts.

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