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Tune Up Talk for 2001-newer Volvo models

2013-08-23 - IPD Staff

IPD's Ken Pruett takes a moment to show you under the hood of a late model Volvo.  Sometimes maintaining your car isn't as hard as it might seem.  Watch Ken as he covers Volvo ignition coils, what fluids to keep in check, and some simple tips to keep your car properly maintained.

In the way of a basic Volvo tune-up, a lot of people are intimidated by newer cars. Most people think or feel that what's under the hood is higher tech and therefore is more robust for your average do-it-yourselfer. It's considerably more accessible than working on some of the older cars. It's just so simple that it's silly to pay someone else to do it. So let's go over the standard systems that you would go through on a basic Volvo tune-up. Afterward, you can decide for yourself if this is within your grasp or not. 

Just about everything under the hood is relatively easy to access. We've seen that people are intimidated because there are covers over almost everything. Well, covers shouldn't threaten you because they are primarily there to cover up wires and loose items, that would usually be left out under the hood. Its safe to say then that if you know where everything is you won't have any problems. We'll be going over exactly where everything is in the video above.