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K21071 - IPD - Front Brake Kit Builder 300mm P3 S60 V60 V70 XC70 S80

This kit is specific to particular car models. Please check fitment for your car before buying.

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brake rotors
(Select Optional Component)
  • 139641 - Zimmermann - Front Brake Rotor - P3 V60 S60 S80 V70 XC70 300MM [2] In Stock+$126.22More info
  • 115704 - Genuine Volvo - Front Brake Rotor - P3 V60 S60 S80 V70 XC70 300MM [2] Available to Order (Ships in about 3 days)+$133.94More info
  • 121135 - Centric - Powerslot Front Brake Rotor Pair - P3 V60 S60 S80 V70 XC70 300MM [1] In Stock+$252.95More info
brake pads
(Select Optional Component)
  • 125987 - Akebono - Front Brake Pad Set - P3 With 300MM Rotors [1] In Stock+$62.34More info
  • 115698 - Genuine Volvo - Front Brake Pad Set - P3 with 300MM Rotors [1] Available to Order (Ships in about 3 days)+$84.38More info
  • 120780 - Textar - Front Brake Pad Set - P3 with 300MM Rotors [1] Available to Order (Ships in about 1 day)+$65.95More info
brake fluid (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
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  • 139668 - Bosch - Bosch ESI6 Extended Service Brake Fluid [1] In Stock+$11.66More info
  • 113221 - ATE - Ate SL6 Brake Fluid [1] In Stock+$12.48More info
anti squeal (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
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  • 114104 - Ags Sil-Glyde - Sil-Glyde Brake Lube .14 oz Packet [1] In Stock+$1.00More info
  • 234270 - Genuine Volvo - Brake Anti-Squeal Paste [1] In Stock+$13.05More info
  • 139713 - Ags Sil-Glyde - Sil-Glyde Brake Lube - 4 oz Tube [1] In Stock+$11.49More info
caliper hardware (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
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  • 124668 - Centric - Front Brake Caliper Hardware Kit - P3 [1] In Stock+$15.95More info
  • 111312 - Genuine Volvo - Brake Caliper Pin Bushing Kit [2] In Stock+$27.60More info
caliper mounting bolt (optional)
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  • 125368 - Genuine Volvo - Front Brake Caliper Retaining Bolt - P3 SPA [4] In Stock+$14.20More info
bleeder cap (optional)
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  • 114278 - Genuine Volvo - Brake Caliper Bleeder Cap [2] In Stock+$12.98More info
  • 139564 - Aftermarket - Rubber Brake Bleeder Cap [2] In Stock+$1.98More info

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