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Sil-Glyde Brake Lube - 4 oz Tube

AGS Sil-Glyde BK4 - 139713

Item Number
AGS Sil-Glyde
Mfr Part Number
4 OZ / 113.5 G TUBE
Product Group
Oil, fluids & chemicals

Product Description


Volvos are famous for their squeaky brakes. Help quiet yours - apply to the backside of the pad, and the pins and hardware that hold the pads in place. Simply apply a thin layer of this lubricant to the back-side plate of disc brake pads, to anti-squeal shims, and caliper.
This grease comes out clear and turns purple when it comes in contact with iron! This large tube is enough to do the brakes on the whole fleet of your Volvos and then some! Keep a tube in the garage for whenever a brake job is needed! 

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About AGS Sil-Glyde

Sil-Glyde® Brake Lubricant is a silicone-based brake lubricant recommended for the entire brake assembly, is compatible with plastic and rubber (EPDM & Nitrile), and dampens vibrations between contact points. It is moisture-proof and heat resistant to over 425 degrees F (218 degrees C), which means it won’t burn-off like other brake noise products. Its long-lasting properties provide a noise-free brake installation and easy disassembly. Using AGS brake lubricant is one of the keys to eliminating disc brake squeal and protecting parts from corrosion and rust.

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