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Engine Oil Filter Cartridge, "old" style w/o diamond stamp - VEA DrivE 2.0 4Cyl

Mahle - OX1075DECO - 32140029 - 139568

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09153008001, 09153008045, 31372212, 32140029, E217HD310

Product Description

Potential Product Fitment Issues

This filter carries Volvo part number 32140029.

If you have a 2019 or later XC40, XC60, XC90, S60, or S90, check your oil filter housing for a diamond stamped on the side before ordering, as some of these models have a different oil filter and housing depending when they were made and in which factory. Cars with a diamond stamp use oil filter 32257032.

If you don't have a diamond stamp and/or your 2.0 Volvo falls outside of this range, the filter you're looking at on this page, 32140029, is the correct one.

If you do have a diamond stamp on the filter housing or are otherwise uncertain of correct fitment, please check out the fitment notes on the oil filter for those models to verify.

If you have a used oil filter handy, you can also visually compare them to determine which you need:

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About Mahle

Mahle has been manufacturing high quality products since 1920.  Mahle is one of the largest manufacturer of filtration products in the world.  Many OEMs including Volvo use Mahle for many of their OE products.  For example, in many cases, the filter you buy in a blue Volvo box will have Mahle branding on it.  Mahle offers the same quality products to the aftermarket that is does to the OEMs.  In addition to filtration, Mahle also produces engine parts such as pistons and engine gasket sets.  Mahle recently acquired Behr which expands their coverage in to other high quality products such as thermostats and heating and cooling system parts.

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