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Diamond Stamp? Which 2.0 VEA Oil Filter Do I Have?

2023-03-17 - Paul Bertucci

4 cylinder, 2 liter, 1 size fits all...or most

Whether you call it the VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture), DRIVe, or modular four, the new all-aluminum, direct-injected, 2.0 turbo- and turbo-supercharged four cylinder engine at the heart of every Volvo since 2016 is an impressive engineering accomplishment. It's designed to pair easily with plug-in hybrid drivetrains, and the same basic building blocks and mounting points means it drops under the hood of many different cars with little fuss.

...at least, "little fuss" was the idea.

Whatever the reason, there have been a few different versions of some critical parts on this one-size-fits-all internal combustion wunderkind. We don't know whether this is Volvo "ironing out the kinks" or if it has more to do variations in parts from multiple suppliers going to multiple engine factories around the world; whatever the reason, this means there are parts differences customers need to watch out for when performing even routine maintenance like oil changes.

At time of writing, there are two different types of oil filters in use on these 2.0 gasoline engines. The newer, diamond-stamp filter started appearing in cars in model year 2019, but beyond that there's not much rhyme or reason to which is used on which cars, as they seem to vary across different factories, engine codes, and chassis serial numbers.

Luckily, if you can see the filter itself or the cap/housing it's in, it's pretty easy to visually tell them apart. Read on for more!

Filters side by side

If you have your current car's oil filter in front of you, the old (no stamp style) vs new (diamond stamp style) filter designs are easy to tell apart:

The Diamond Stamp

Volvo also made a quick way to tell the difference between old- and new-style filters before you even start your oil change: on the black plastic filter housing cap covering the oil filter, a diamond-shaped stamp indicates a new-style filter is used.

What if I'm not sure about the diamond stamp?

The exposed position of the oil filter housing (plus the possibility of oil leaks if they're not screwed on tight enough) means your filter might be too scuffed up or dirty to verify if you do or don't have a diamond stamp.

The fitment details are extremely messy here, so if you're uncertain about where your car falls in the ranges below, just call up IPD's friendly customer support team with your VIN ready and we can look up your car's info from Volvo's central database.

Some articles that might help you navigate the fitment breaks below:

New Style Filter, 32257032

XC40s with factory code 19 and engine serial number 742322 and up

XC60s, for cars with factory code 36. Depending on which engine code you have, it fits either:

  • B4204T23: engine serial number 7422872 and up
  • B420T & B420T2: chassis serial number 760699 and up

S90s, not for cars made in Belgium. Look for variant code XE03, or for factory codes other than 22. If it's a B420T/B420T2 with factory code 35, fits cars from chassis number 211998 and up

S60s, for cars with factory code 35. Depending on which engine code you have, it fits either:

  • B4204T23, B4204T27, B4204T28, & B4204T39: engine serial number 7422872 and up
  • B420T & B420T2: chassis serial number 101919 and up

XC90s, fits B4204T23s from 2020 onwards

Old Style Filter, 32140029

All 2.0 cars 2018 and earlier

XC40s with factory codes other than 19, or if factory code 19, then engine serial number 742321 and before

XC60s, for cars with factory codes other than 36, or if factory code 36, then:

  • B4204T23: engine serial number 7422871 and before
  • B420T & B420T2: chassis serial number 760698 and before


  • Factory code 22 for T5/T6/T8 models
  • Factory code 35, for B5 and B6 models: chassis serial number 211997 and earlier

S60s, for cars with factory codes other than 35, or if factory code 35, then:

  • B4204T23, B4204T27, B4204T28, & B4204T39: engine serial number 7422871 and before
  • B420T & B420T2: chassis serial number 101918 and before

XC90s, fits B4204T23s up to and including 2019