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What's A Factory Code (FC)?

2021-11-05 - Paul Bertucci

What are factory codes?

Factory Codes (FCs) indicate the specific assembly line your Volvo was produced on. This information is sometimes needed when certain factories specialized in particular models or trims.

For example, while P2 S60s and V70s were produced in a few different plants around the world, all high performance R models were produced at Volvo's Ghent factory in Belgium. Thus, they might be equipped with some parts that say "Fits cars with FC 22", the Ghent factory's code.

From about the late 1980s onwards, you can look at the last 7 digits of your VIN: the leading digit is the VIN plant code, with the remaining six VIN digits being your car's chassis serial number. As Volvo internally uses 2 digit factory codes, some translation from the 1-digit plant code is needed.

If you're not sure of your car's VIN plant code, anyone with a current VIDA subscription (such as a dealer, or IPD customer service) can look up any factory codes or variant codes you need using your car's VIN.

List of Factory Codes

VIN CodePlantFactory code
LLuqiao Plant (CMA Super Factory), Luqiao, China19
0Volvo Kalmar Assembly (VKA), Kalmar, Sweden20
1Volvo Torslandaverken, Gothenberg, Sweden21
2Volvo Europe Car, Ghent, Belgium22
3Volvo Halifax Assembly (VHA), Nova Scotia, Canada23
4Thai-Swedish Assembly (TSA), Bangkok, Thailand24
5Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia, Shah Alam, Malaysia25
B/DGruppo Bertone, Turin, Italy - 262C and 78031
FNedcar, Born, Netherlands32
PDaqing Volvo Car Manufacturing, Daiqing, China35
BZhongjia Automobile Manufacturing (ZAMC), Chengdu, China36
A/JVolvo Cars, Uddevalla, Sweden 38
GVolvo Cars North America, Ridgeville, South Carolina, USA70