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Reset Oil Change Service Light In 2016+ P5/P6 Platform Cars (XC40 XC60 XC90 S60 V60 S90 V90)

2021-08-13 - Paul Bertucci

New Volvos riding on the modular SPA (P5) and CMA (P6) platforms share many common features, such as their 2.0L VEA engines and similar platform architecture. Correspondingly, oil change procedures between all models are pretty similar.

Once you've changed your oil and filter, there are a few more things to do to get your Volvo back on the road.

Checking the oil level

SPA- and CMA-chassis cars have no dipstick, instead featuring a digital oil level display in the Car Status tab of your display.

Once you've drained your oil and changed your filter, measure how much oil has come out and pour in the same amount (plus a half cup or so extra for the oil filter) of fresh oil.

When you first start the car, the oil level sensor will make a rough check of the oil, and if it's too far off you might see the following:

  • Oil can icon, with the message "Engine oil level service required": oil overfilled
  • Oil can icon, with the message "Engine oil level low refill 1 liter/quart": oil underfilled, add the specified amount.

If you don't see either message on starting the car, the oil level is within the allowable operating range. 

The Oil Level bar in the Car Status app won't automatically refresh after an oil change, with the computer wanting to take a steady reading to account for temperature, sloshing in the oil pan, and car level. To get an accurate reading here after an oil change:

  • Drive around for at least 30 kilometers/20 miles
  • Park the car on a level surface
  • Turn the car off and wait at least 5 minutes before checking the level.

As with a regular dipstick, the amount between Empty and Full on your gauge is about 1 quart/1 liter, so if it's low add the corresponding amount of fresh oil.

Resetting the Service Interval Reminder (SRI)

After you've completed your oil change and topped the car up to the appropriate level, you'll want to reset "Time For Regular Maintenance" reminder so the car knows it's had an oil change and it can began calculating (with a combination of miles driven, engine-on hours, and driving style) when to remind you for your next oil change.

With the car off, do the following:

1: Keeping your foot off of the brake pedal, briefly turn the starter knob to Start to power the car up, but don't start the engine yet.

2: Hold down the Cruise Control - button on the steering wheel.

3: While continuing to hold the cruise control button, push down the brake pedal and turn the starter knob again to start the engine.

4: Wait until you see an flashing on the display, then let go of the cruise control button.