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How can I tell which version of Bosch LH Fuel Injection is on my Volvo 240?

Created on 2011-06-17 by Kevin Rutledge

There are 4 Variations of Bosch LH-Jetronic on Volvo 240 models.

The easiest way to tell is to look at the MAF sensor:


1982 Bosch LH 2.0 (quite rare)

Nobody seems to be sure what version number this one is.
Some people this early system is version 2.0 and others say 1983-1984 is version 2.0.

Bosch numbers: 0280212001

Aluminum Housing w/ 6 pin plug

Usually has brass flame trap in outlet end.

This system also uses rubber hoses between the fuel rail and the injectors.

There aren't many parts available for this limited production system.


1983-1984 Bosch LH 2.1

Bosch numbers: 0280212002

Aluminum Housing w/ 6 pin plug


1985-1989 Bosch LH 2.2

Bosch numbers: 0280212007, 0986280102

Black Plastic Housing w/ 6 pin plug

1989-1993 Bosch LH 2.4

Bosch numbers: 0280212016, 0986280101

Black Plastic housing w/ 6 pin plug


1990-1993 Bosch LH 3.1

Bosch numbers: 0280217001

Black  Plastic Housing w/ 4 pin plug


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