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How do I find my engine serial number or engine family? (FWD/AWD models)

Created on 2011-01-21 by Kevin Rutledge

Why do I need an engine serial number to figure out what parts fit my Volvo?

Volvo is notorious for changing engine parts in the middle of production Model Years.   When they do this, they make a notation in their parts catalog stating what engine serial number ranges a product fits.  Why don't they just make the change at an even model year?  Most likely this is because the engines and the cars are manufactured on different assembly lines and they probably have a bunch of crated engines just waiting to be installed in cars.

Volvo puts the engine serial number in two places: A sticker on the timing cover and a stamping on a engine block surface.  It is very common for the sticker on the timing cover to be missing or damaged but the stamping on the engine block is always there.

The sticker and the stamping both have the engine family and the engine serial number.  If ever in doubt what engine is in your Volvo, check the stamping!

Engine Serial Number location 1

The stamping on the block is a little bit difficult to see, but with a little persistence and a bright flash light, you will find it:

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