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Boost Ability Kit - Black Hoses Silver Diverter Valve

IPD - 121256

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ipd has developed many products supporting larger turbo and higher boost applications. These products, included in our “Boostability” Kit, replace factory components that  commonly fail or lack the ability to maintain efficiency at higher outputs. These original factory components can fail prematurely, especially under higher boost levels, and negatively affect charge air stability. 

The factory Charge Air Pipe (Over The Engine) can be very expensive to replace. Some models use a V-band style flange that is difficult to find and adapt for modification. Later turbo models came equipped with a plastic (OTE) charge pipe that cracks, especially if someone leans on it  when working under the hood. This can cause boost leaks which result in poor running and can be difficult to diagnose.

The factory Turbo inlet hose is brittle, prone to leakage and restrictive. Petrochemicals under the hood can deteriorate fittings creating poor mating surfaces and the seals tend to shrink and leak.

The Integral compressor bypass valve located on the factory turbocharger is inefficient, adding strain on the turbo to maintain target boost. Having the ability to hit and maintain target boost levels quickly and efficiently is something you never knew you could have by bypassing the factory CBV!

Ipd’s Boost Ability Kit comes with our state of the art, wire reinforced charge air pipe. The ipd charge air pipe is one solid piece from the turbo compressor cover to the intercooler.  This durable silicone charge air pipe increases flow, combats heat, and limits the possibility of blowing off  at connection points. Because this pipe only has two clamps, your chances of being left stranded on the side of the highway are reduced!

Also included in the kit is the wire reinforced silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe. Ipd’s Turbo Inlet is much larger and more durable than the factory pipe while providing a superior seal.  Installing this larger pipe with smoother internal transitions will allow the turbocharger to spool much quicker. The ipd turbo inlet and charge air pipe go hand in hand when converting to an external diverter valve. Both pipes have extended integral bosses that allow you to install an aftermarket external diverter. 

The last few products in this kit are all you’ll need to maximize the efficiency and performance out of your factory turbocharger.  Ipd’s HD diverter valve replaces the factory compressor bypass valve and relocates it between the charge Air pipe and turbo Inlet. To run an external diverter valve you’ll need to block the factory compressor bypass using an ipd CBV block off plate. The block off plate has been machined specifically for the factory turbocharger ensuring no more wasted boost pressure.  By using the block off plate and the ipd adjustable HD diverter valve you can combat boost spikes and compressor surge while maintaining target boost. 

Find out what you’ve been missing by installing one of ipd’s Bostability Kits!

Potential Product Fitment Issues

2004 & 2005 R models use a V-Band connector at the turbo outlet. A V-Band adapter is required for this kit on 2004-2005 models. Please see recommended products tab.

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