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Camshaft Locking Tool

IPD - 120980

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Product Description

Having the right tool makes all the difference. In some cases having the right tool is simply a necessity. Timing belt jobs and front oil seal replacements are among those jobs. Our rear camshaft locking tool turns what used to be a daunting DIY job into a smooth, trouble free task. 

While our camshaft gear locking tool works great for timing belt jobs on pre-1999 engines it becomes irrelevant when working on 1999+ models equipped with CVVT (constant variable valve timing). Where that tool locks the cams via the cam gears on the front of the motor, this tool locks the camshafts in place and together directly at the back of the cylinder head. This becomes important on these models to ensure the camshafts themselves stay in place when removing the timing belt.

Replacing front camshaft and crankshaft oil seals on all volvo whiteblock engines also becomes a trouble free affair with the rear camshaft locking too. Simply install the tool, remove the timing belt and timing gears and replace those seals without worry of the camshafts "jumping time" or being jostled during the job.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Note: The keying on the cam lock tool and the camshafts themselves are slightly offset. Ensure that the bolt fits through the tool and into the camshaft and will thread in without resistance. If the tool is installed incorrectly and the offset is reversed the tool will shear the cast key when the tool is tightened down.

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