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Wheel Stud Conversion Kit - Chrome Lugnuts

IPD - 120596

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This kit uses H&R brand studs and Gorilla Brand lugnuts to replace the standard length wheel bolts that were original equipment.

Add a little cool factor and a LOT of convenience to your wheels with IPD's wheel stud conversion kit.

Starting with their 5 cylinder front wheel drive models in the early ninties Volvo switched most of their cars from a more traditional wheel stud and lug nut arrangement to a single lug bolt configuration. A side effect of this switch is the huge pain in the neck that is mounting wheels without studs to hang them on! Aligning all the holes, pushing the wheel onto the hub and then trying to thread in the lug bolts in a socket on an extension can turn into an acrobatic experience - especially when you're trying to change a flat on the side of the road, in the dark when it's raining! We have put together this tidy kit to allow you to swap out those pesky lug bolts quickly and easily to a separate lug and nut assembly. 

Kit includes a full set of 20 lug studs and 20 matching lug nuts. Our kit utilizes high quality H&R wheel studs and heavy duty Gorilla brand lug nuts. These H&R studs feature an inset hex key on the outboard end to make install a breeze with an allen wrench or hex socket. They also come with thread locker already installed on the hub end and are plated for corrosion resistance. 

To install simply remove each wheel and thread the studs firmly into the hubs by hand. Reinstall wheel over the studs and tighten lug nuts down to factory specified torque. While the thread locking compound should hold the studs in place in the hubs during normal lug nut removal please note that you should inspect each stud and tighten/reinstall as necessary whenever you have a wheel removed.

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