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Timing Belt & Water Pump Kit

Various (Kit) - 120613

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Various (Kit)
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Repair & maintenance
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Genuine Volvo - 30751700
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Genuine Volvo - 30751700, 985151, 30731727

Product Description



We recommend timing belt, tensioner bearing and idler bearing replacement every 70,000 miles. Timing belt failure on these engines usually results in catastrophic engine damage. This is because they are non-clearance engines and belt failure means the valves will hit the tops of pistons.

Contrary to popular belief, the most common failed components are the tensioner and idler bearings. It is actually more rare for the belt on these models. A failed bearing will shred a timing belt in a hurry. It is also highly recommend to replace the water pump when replacing timing belt components. The timing belt drives the water pump and water pumps are considered a common failure component so we've included the Aisin brand OES water pump.

Kit contains all OES components:

  • Timing belt 
  • Tensioner pulley
  • Idler pulley
  • Water pump
  • Water pump gasket
  • Water pump bolts

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Volvo has updated several different timing belt tensioners to the latest "long fork" style of tensioner contained in this kit, so for certain cars you have to check your engine serial number or current style of timing belt tensioner before ordering.

In P1 and P3 Volvos, with the RNC "compact" 3rd generation whiteblock engine:

  • This tensioner replaces both the original long fork tensioner up to engine serial number 3887615 and the "flat fork" tensioner from engine serial 3887616 and up, and can be used on all model years.

In 1999+ P80s and P2s, with the RN 2nd generation whiteblock engine:

  • The "short fork" tensioner is used to about mid 2004, with the switch to the long fork tensioner happening after engine serial number 3188688. If you have a 2004 or 2005, check your engine serial number or look for an oval alignment dowel above the belt tensioner:
    • If you don't have an alignment dowel, you must use the short fork tensioner, Volvo OE # 30638277.
    • If you have an alignment dowel, you can use a long fork tensioner regardless of your engine serial number or the tensioner currently on the car. 

See all styles of current tensioner, old tensioner, and the alignment dowel circled in red below:

Latest "long fork" tensioner

"Short fork" tensioner used up to engine serial 3188688...but a long fork tensioner can be used on this engine since it has an exposed alignment dowel

Superseded "flat fork" tensioner

About Various (Kit)

"Various" stands for multiple brands that are combined into one kit. 

For more information of what brands are in your kit, please call our customer service team. 



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