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Right Front Girling Caliper - 740 760

Rebuilt - 110585

Left and Right position is determined by sitting in vehicle while facing forward
+ $15.00 Core Charge
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Item Number
Front Right (USA Passenger)
Brand Classification
Units Per Car
One Year Parts Warranty
Product Group
Repair & maintenance

Product Description

These rebuilt calipers have hand chased threads and new bleeder screws and caps. Pistons are carefully inspected and replaced if worn or damaged along with all new seals and dust boots.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

This caliper fits models with Girling calipers WITHOUT ABS. As there is variation on what brakes were fitted to these models from the factory please inspect what is currently equipped on your car to ensure correct ordering.

About Rebuilt

"What is Rebuilt?" 

Rebuilt units are completely dis-assembled, cleaned, examined and tested for their failure points before re-assembly with new parts and sold as "Rebuilt". 

The theory that "rebuilt parts" are just going to fail, is false. When a product is rebuilt it is torn apart and examined for their failure points, cleaned, and often rebuilt with new and improved parts to ensure that the next phase of that parts life is a more successful one. 

Rebuilt products will help you save time and often money when it comes to finding these usually rare or out of production parts. 

We strongly believe in the rebuilt process and product result. We feel confident in selling these products for you and your Volvo!

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