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Tune-up Kit for Breakerless Conversion

Various (Kit) - 105824

Item Number
Various (Kit)
Brand Classification
Product Group
Repair & maintenance
Comp OE References
Genuine Volvo - 1277720, 243903, 1357827

Product Description

This kit is for those that have converted to breakerless ignition such as Pertronix or Crane systems. Kit includes cap, rotor & plugs but no points or condensor.

Please note: Non-resistor spark plugs are getting difficult to source.  Depending on what we are able to source, this kit may include Bosch, NGK or Denso spark plugs.

If your engine is sound, you'll probably find tune-ups due every year or so. This assumes that the fuel system is in peak operating condition (rare, but we've seen a few). We tune our B18/20s each Autumn and again in the Spring to keep the ignition system happy.

Most vintage Volvos are not wearing their original distributor!

The information in the 'Additional Information' tab is the best and most accurate way for us to get you the correct tune-up parts the first time. The Bosch number listed is only the last three digits of the full ten digit number. For those distributors without the ten digit number, there is an alternate number listed.

Kit includes:

  • BREMI distributor cap (Bosch is no longer available)
  • Bosch ignition rotor
  • Set of 4 spark plugs

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Unless you bought your classic Volvo brand new and know its full history, there's a good chance the distributor has been changed or modified. Our tune-up kits are matched to the distributor number, eliminating possible mis-orders for cars that are not wearing their original distributors.

To help us identify the proper tune up parts for your specific car, please check your Bosch distributor part number. On early distributors this number will be found on an oval tag riveted to the distributor body. On later distributors the number is simply stamped on the body (see picture).

 This kit fits distributor numbers: Fits distributor numbers:
Aluminum: 001, 009, JFR4
Cast Iron: 002, 003

*Sample distributor images shown above

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About Various (Kit)

"Various" stands for multiple brands that are combined into one kit. 

For more information of what brands are in your kit, please call our customer service team. 

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