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AquaShield Sway Bar Grease

Aqualube - 100788

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Oil, fluids & chemicals

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AquaShield may be the stringiest, messiest lube you'll ever encounter...and it's those very properties that contribute to its exceptional service life. For over 20 years, we've tried new greases, but AquaShield continues to persist the longest in balljoints and grease-lubricated bushings like swaybar and trailing arm bushings.

Predominently targeted toward the marine market due to its ability to resist water and safety towards rubber and polyurethane boots and seals, AquaShield comes in every one of our swaybar kits and as the grease filling in our IPD HD swaybar links. Our AquaShield comes in 5ml syringes for easy application right where you need it.

About Aqualube

Aqua Lube is a specially formulated grease designed specifically to cling to surfaces.  It is very sticky and tends to stay where you put it . It is fortified with additives to protect against rust, corrosion, oxidation, and wear.  Aqua Lube is a non-melting, custom built grease that protects even against salt water. 

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