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Alternator Bracket Kit

IPD - 112993

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One Year Parts Warranty
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Repair & maintenance

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Is crossing your fingers part of the starting ritual for your old Swede?

The 40+ year old generator fitted to your 1960s era Volvo just barely keeps your battery charged under normal conditions. Once you add halogens, fog lights or a booming stereo (or just want to use the heater while the lights are on), it's only a matter of time before your Swede leaves you stranded.

We've got the fix! Our alternator conversion bracket allows you to easily convert your Volvo from the tired old generator to the Bosch or Marchal alternators used on the later 140 and 1800 series. There's no substitute for quality.

If you can remove and replace your generator and know how to use wire crimpers, you can install this kit in a couple easy hours.

Adding an alternator increases available amperage and reliability - you'll be able to use the headlights, booming stereo, wipers and heater all at the same time without that annoying red glow from the Amp light. We installed the prototype over three years ago and have made several more installations since. Zero problems. Zero. Excellent installation instructions also provide tips on how to source the best alternator.

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