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B6 HD Rear Shock 140 160

Bilstein B6 - 104296

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Bilstein B6
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Performance parts
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Genuine Volvo - 273355, 1212166, 273352, 273349, 273353

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The 140 series was built with multiple lower shock mounting methods. Early cars had a bolt that passed all the way through the control arm and shock with a nut to squeeze it all together. The early design was prone to failure and noise so Volvo changed to a stud design that bolted to the control arm and shock separately. This replacement shock is made to fit the later design/stud mount. If you have one of the few cars that have not been updated yet the factory modification kit is 282761 and two will be required.

This is a 240 shock with the lower mount modified (fitted with a new bushing) to fit 140 & 164 models.

The choice for the truly discriminating driver, Bilsteins offer handling so superior, they're capable of damping wheel movement as small as 2mm. And that's smooth.

Most stock shocks just don't have enough damping on compression and rebound. The result is mushy transitional performance, brake dive, choppy feel on expansion joint and in some cases, suspension crash through.

Explaining how Bilsteins improve ride with increased damping is difficult. How can the ride be smoother and feel plusher if the shock is stiffer? A big part of improvement comes from Bilsteins patented digressive valving system that helps soak up initial shock loads before full damping is achieved. This takes off the edge of most impacts and completely changes the feel of the car. An unusually high number of customers have called back with praise of Bilsteins. One customer went so far as to say, "You guys are too subtle in your ads for these things, you've got to let people know that this is the fix!"

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About Bilstein B6

BILSTEIN technologies and quality set the highest standards in the suspension industry. 

BILSTEIN has been developing successful dampers used in motorsport racing, for more than 50 years. From off-road and rally world championships to titles at most of the important 24-hour races to championships in Formula 1, BILSTEIN continues to lead the field in automotive performance suspension. 

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