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Rear Sway Bar Kit 25mm P5 SV60 V60CC XC60 SV90 V90CC

IPD - 142482

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With every new model from Volvo the handling gets better and better, but Volvo left quite a bit on the table in regards to anti sway bar stiffness to accommodate owners that live in regions of the world which have unusually rough road conditions. This leaves us an opportunity to improve the handling for those of us that live where there is pavement! It’s not really quite that dramatic, but that is the basic situation that prevents manufacturers form installing larger diameter performance oriented anti sway bars on their vehicles.

Later model Volvos were equipped with a moderately sized 22mm rear anti sway bar. In most cases they are hollow, lightweight, and extremely weak. These models handle fairly well in conjunction with the factory ABS, traction control, and stability systems found on modern Volvos. But, there's still a huge opportunity to improve your Volvos handling capabilites by adding a larger sway bar with better mounting hardware.

As modern Volvos have become heavier, the factory 22mm bar really isn't enough to keep significant body roll at bay when cornering, making things uncomfortable when entering high speed freeways or merging with traffic. IPD sway bars will not only give you a better "feeling in the seat" when driving, but you will notice a huge difference in how much better your Volvo responds when having to avoid a bad situation. 

Ipd safety anti sway bars have long been our most popular selling product and they are what we are known for worldwide.

To develop the best all around configuration for these models, we worked with local customers as well as with our own test vehicles and staff to develop a bar that reduces body roll to more performance oriented levels while providing good compliance for everyday driving. We tested several different diameters and ended up with 25mm size as the best all around performer, yielding a bar with over double the stiffness of the original OEM Volvo bar. 

Increased roll stiffness reduces body roll in general, but specifically increasing roll stiffness at the rear of the car also improves steering response, providing sharper initial steering turn-in and giving you a feeling of more precision at the wheel. Greater rear roll stiffness also reduces the understeer FWD/AWD Volvos are infamous for at the limits of grip, with our stiffer sway bar keeping you tracking through a corner instead of allowing the front end to push wide.

We are also pleased to share that this rear bar is very easy to install and should take less than an hour for most shops and experienced do it yourselfers with common hand tools! Check out our installation video instructions on this product page. Our sway bar kit includes the bar, heavy duty brackets and polyurethane bushings, all necessary mounting hardware, and a tube of highly water resistant AquaShield grease.

Additional Technical Information

Technical specifications

  • OEM Volvo Sway Bar
    • Diameter: 22mm
    • Stiffness: 95lbf-in (pound-force per inch of deflection at the ends)
    • Weight: 7lbs
    • Painted
    • Hollow construction - 3.75mm wall thickness
    • Non-replaceable rubber bushings -  the whole bar must be replaced if the bushings fail
  • IPD HD Sway Bar
    • Diameter: 25mm
    • Stiffness: 206lbf-in (116% increase over stock)
    • Weight: 16lbs 
    • Powdercoated
    • Solid construction
    • Greaseable, replaceable polyurethane bushings - AquaShield grease included

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