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V8 Valve Cover Gasket Kit - P2 XC90 P3 S80

OES - 142355

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Genuine Volvo - 30720101, 30720098, 30720096, 30720095, 30720327, 30720328, 30720335

Product Description

Volvo's famous 4.4 Yamaha V8 is a beautifully engineered engine, featuring a unique 60° narrow vee angle and very clever packaging of belt drive components to fit in to an engine bay designed for 5- and 6-cylinder engines. That said, it does have some weak areas, and one of those is the valve cover gaskets: instead of machined valve covers/cam carriers bonded with anaerobic sealant like the inline 5 whiteblocks, the V8 uses traditional rubber valve cover gaskets under traditional cast valve covers, and these are known to leak in older, higher-mileage engines.

This complete kit of either Genuine Volvo or Original Equipment Supplier to Volvo gaskets includes everything needed for getting your upper engine leak free, and adds in the two rubber PCV hoses that will almost certainly crumble when you try to remove them to pull the valve covers.

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About OES

OES or Original Equipment Supplier, refers to manufacturers of Volvo Blue Box parts that Volvo has contracted out to. For example, Volvo does not make spark plugs itself, but instead provides specifications to ignition specialists like Bosch, Denso, or NGK, who then make a batch of spark plugs and ship them to Volvo.

When you see a part marked OES, it means it's coming from the same source that supplies Volvo their OEM products. You get the peace-of-mind of the same part that goes in to the blue box, without the blue box price tag.

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