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Sport Lowering Springs - P80 FWD 850 S70 V70 C70

IPD - 113136

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Sport springs, or lowering springs as they are often called improve the handling by lowering the center of gravity and reducing body movement with an increased spring rate (stiffer.) Sport springs also increase firmness more than any other component, so keep these attributes in mind when considering this upgrade.

The other use of sport springs is to attain a low aggressive look that sets your car apart from the masses with a sporty low profile. ipd sport springs will lower your Volvo approximately 1.65" to 1.75"and the spring rate is increased approximately 20%.

Fits front wheel drive models only.

Disclaimer: Performance products sold by IPD have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use, thus are designated for non-road or race track use only. Although every effort is made to maintain or improve upon the emissions standards and safety of your Volvo, some of our products may not be legal for street use in your region. IPD makes no claim of fitness or certification for such use and leave it up to you to research the laws of your region.

Additional Technical Information

*Knowing the ride height of your volvo before and after making modifications is important. Here's how we do it:

  1. Place your car on a smooth level flat surface, such as a parking lot or garage floor.
  2. Measure vertically from the center of the wheel to the center of the the wheel opening as show in the picture on the right to eliminate variations due to tire and wheel sizes. Do this at all four corners of the car and record your measurements.
  3. After installing lowering coils measure again and record the results.

Typically a 3/8" to 1/2" difference side to side is acceptable. If you find that your car is out of this spec, you should check to make sure the springs are properly seated and other parts of the car such as suspension bushings are not the cause.

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