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Automatic Transmission Flush Kit

IPD - 105310

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You may not know it, But if you drain the automatic transmission fluid by removing the drain plug in the transmission pan, you are only draining about half of the capacity. Three to four quarts of the old fluid remains in the torque converter and as soon as you start the car, your fresh fluid is instantly contaminated. Some models require that you remove the transmission oil pan for draining as they have no drain plug, this is a real pain as the dipstick tube connection can break in the process. This tool also eliminates the need to remove the pan for draining.

We have recently heard of customers being charged hundreds of dollars for a power flush. You can now achieve similar results with our transmission fluid hose kit. The tool is simply a five foot length of petroleum safe hose with the proper fittings to connect to the upper transmission line at the radiator trans cooler port. With the included instructions you can safely flush and replace the transmission fluid in about 15 minutes. Performing this service at 30-50,000 mile intervals can effectively double the life of the transmission.

Fill the trans with clean fluid using our plastic funnel. Its flex design allows it to easily maneuver around the hoses in the way of the dipstick tube. Its narrow end allows easy insertion in the tube for positive engagement and reduced chance of spills.

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