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Motylgear 75W80 Manual Transmission Gear Oil

Motul 105782 - 141891

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Motul Motylgear 75W80 closely matches the viscosity and friction characteristics of the factory Volvo manual transmission gear oil for M56 and M66 manual transmissions, 31280771. For these applications, we consider it an upgrade to the OE fluid, with its high viscosity index giving excellent performance in cold weather and a "goldilocks" friction coefficient that's slippery enough to protect bearings while still giving good synchromesh performance.

The bottom line: if your transmission is feeling worn out or tough to shift, try this fluid first!

  • Safe for brass synchros, as it lacks the reactive sulfurs found in most GL-5 oils that cause damage
  • Offers quicker shifts, perfect synchronizer coefficient of friction
  • Eliminates notchy shifting, even when cold
  • High performance gear protection and longer synchro life
  • Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of 75W, 80W, and motor oil viscosities of SAE 30, 10W30, and 5W30
  • Recommended for GL-1, GL-3, and GL-4 applications as well as where most special synchromesh fluids are specified.
  • Not for use in differentials with hypoid gears

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About Motul

Years of burnt and blasted iron helped Motul to understand the subtle art of lubrication. As real artists, Motul understands that the unavoidable keys for creation are well-maintained tools, machines and engineering. MotulTech responds to these needs.

After the success of the very first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars, Motul Century 2100 in 1966, Motul staked a claim on its passion for invention five years later with the original 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters and drawing on aviation technologies. 300V became a legend, just like the 300 racing victories of the time symbolized by the product name.

Motul has since developed the bespoke 300V Motorsport line for racing cars enabling the performance of each engine to be optimised in terms of the expected result, depending on the type of race, distance, engine fuel dilution, operating temperature or other specific parameters.

This 300V expertise continously inspires every formula of Motul products. Each molecule is considered and developed with the same spirit of bringing to skilled technicians a bespoke solution for every purpose.

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