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Motul Engine Cleaner

Motul 109541 - 141897

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Product Description

MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN is designed to be used in all types of internal combustion engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without catalytic converter, using gasoline or diesel. MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN effectively cleans deposits, gums, and varnishes in your crankcase, allowing the removed microparticles to be evacuated with an oil drain. Don't worry about this thinning out your engine oil too much like other detergents, as MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN provides perfect lubrication during the cleaning process.

MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN, added to engine oil before draining:

  • reduces wear
  • decreases oil and fuel consumption
  • cleans piston rings and cylinder walls for improved sealing and compression
  • decrease exhaust pollutant emissions
  • evacuates deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from sensitive areas such as hydraulics lifters
  • increase catalytic converter’s and DPF’s lifetime

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Additional Technical Information

Before each oil change, add a can directly to your crankcase and allow the engine to idle for 15 minutes, then drain your oil and perform your oil change as usual.

About Motul

Years of burnt and blasted iron helped Motul to understand the subtle art of lubrication. As real artists, Motul understands that the unavoidable keys for creation are well-maintained tools, machines and engineering. MotulTech responds to these needs.

After the success of the very first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars, Motul Century 2100 in 1966, Motul staked a claim on its passion for invention five years later with the original 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters and drawing on aviation technologies. 300V became a legend, just like the 300 racing victories of the time symbolized by the product name.

Motul has since developed the bespoke 300V Motorsport line for racing cars enabling the performance of each engine to be optimised in terms of the expected result, depending on the type of race, distance, engine fuel dilution, operating temperature or other specific parameters.

This 300V expertise continously inspires every formula of Motul products. Each molecule is considered and developed with the same spirit of bringing to skilled technicians a bespoke solution for every purpose.

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