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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor - P80 850 C70 V70 S70, to 1998

Meyle 5148210003 - 141327

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Genuine Volvo - 9186486, 3545031

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Engine wear, power, and efficiency are all strongly dependent on correct engine temperature. Too hot, and you run the risk of predetonation (knock) or even of melting components...but too cool, and components wear out faster due to loose fit/tolerances, stiff rubber and elastomer seals, and thick oil.

For optimal power and lifespan, modern engines heat themseles up as quickly as possible and try to hold themselves in the prime temperature range. Coolant temperature sensors are a vital part of the control feedback loop of modern engine control, and when they go bad you lose power and fuel efficiency.

This sensor, made by quality aftermarket manufacturer Meyle, will get you back to the right temps. It comes with a new crush washer seal.

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