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Loctite Copper Hi-Temp Conductive Anti-Seize

Loctite - 141565

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Oil, fluids & chemicals

Product Description

LOCTITE® LB 8008 C5-A anti-seize lubricant paste is packaged in a 1/4oz tube, with copper and graphite suspended in a high quality grease. Applications include screws, nuts, pipes, exhaust bolts and brake caliper bolts. Resistant to extremely high temperatures (up to 1800°F) and protects from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing.

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Additional Technical Information

This anti-seize is electrically and thermally compatible for use as spark plug anti-seize, but we do not recommend anti-seize on spark plug threads in general, as modern nickel-plated spark plugs do not require anti-seize and using any kind of grease can alter tightening torque values and increase the likelihood of breaking the plug or threads.

Spark plug thread anti-seize is reckoned to reduce torque values by 10% to 20%; if you're going to use anti-seize on your spark plugs, reduce your torque wrench setting accordingly. On P2 S60R and V70R models, for example, the OEM torque value of 22lb-ft should be reduced to 20lb-ft.

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