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Integrated Turbo / Exhaust Manifold Gasket Kit, T5 - P1 P3 S40 V50 C30 C70 S60 V60

Various (Kit) - 141522

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Item Number
Various (Kit)
Brand Classification
One Year Parts Warranty
Product Group
Repair & maintenance
Comp OE References
Genuine Volvo - 11994, 419401, 969011, 30777955, 31251439, 982667, 30677190, 8699467, 985868 Genuine Saab - 4161162

Product Description

For whatever reason, the "compact five" used on five-cylinder P1- and P3-chassis Volvos like the S40, V50, C30, S60 and V60 have a tendency to develop exhaust squeals over time. Expansion/contraction from repeated heat cycles causes either the exhaust studs to back out of the head or the locking nuts to come loose, eventually resulting in the now-loose exhaust manifold gasket getting torn apart by leaking exhaust gases. If you get a squeal on cold starts, it's already too late for your gaskets.

This is a pig of a job, but the correct way to fix it is to disconnect the turbo oil and coolant lines, back the combined tubo-exhaust-manifold assembly away from the head, and replace the gasket and studs.

This complete kit includes gaskets, studs, nuts, turbo line seals and crush washers to service all the components involved with this job. It's not much fun, but should only need to be done once or twice in a car's lifetime.

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