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CHF 11S Synthetic Mineral Oil Power Steering Fluid

Pentosin - 1405116 - G004000M2 - 216096

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00004320333, 00004320656, 00004330574, 001989240312, 1161317, 1161529, 11S, 3032380, 3050917303, 30741424, 6162, 81221468879, 81229407025, 81229407549, 81229407549A, 81229468879, 82110148132, 82111468041, 97506002280, 97533006176, 97554001348, 97554003348, CHF11SRED, CHF2021L, G002000, G002000A2, G002000GF, G004000M2

Product Description


This full synthetic hydraulic mineral oil by Pentosin was specified as the factory fill power steering fluid in many FWD and AWD Volvos from the P2 generation onwards.

Additional Keywords: PS 211

Potential Product Fitment Issues

As the recommended power steering fluid changed over the years, please check the cap of your power steering fluid reservoir for the correct recommended fluid: either hydraulic mineral oil like this CHF 11S, or automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

This fluid can be mixed with CHF 202 or the Volvo OE mineral oil based power steering fluid, but should not be mixed with ATF or conventional power steering fluids.

About Pentosin

Founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany, Pentosin is a leading brand of high-tech fluids for the automotive industry. It is produced by the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer.

While Pentosin’s signature “green can” is a well-known staple in the hydraulic fluid market, the Pentosin name is well-established across all technical fluid categories in the import vehicle community: antifreeze, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, motor oil, and transmission fluids.

Pentosin branded products have been trusted by the OE market for many years, with more than 25 “first fill” approvals from Asian and European vehicle manufacturers. By partnering directly with car manufacturers, the Pentosin brand is able to offer unique fluids to meet today’s challenging technical innovations for a wide range of applications.

Pentosin produces a wide range of high quality,  OEM specified products, as well as aftermarket products. These include automotive lubricants (engine motor oils, and transmission oils/fluids, for motor cars and motorcycles, including synthetic oils), industrial lubricants, and hydraulic products.

Pentosin products are supplied directly to many different automotive companies, including all marques of the Volkswagen Group, BMW, Daimler AG marques, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Europe, Volvo and Porsche.

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