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3.0 T6 & 3.2i Accessory Drive/READ Refresh Kit (later 6cyl)

IPD Kit Builder - K22735

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Accessory Belt
(Select Optional Component)
  • Auxiliary Serpentine Drive Belt for Volvo - CRP - 6K1200 - 31251046 - 123922In Stock+$15.95More info
  • Auxiliary Serpentine Drive Belt - Genuine Volvo - 30757007 - 234798Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$48.79More info
Accessory Belt Idler
(Select Optional Component)
  • Drive Belt Idler Pulley for Volvo - Aftermarket - V480166 - 31401193 - 140444In Stock+$21.95More info
  • 3.2i & 3.0 T6 Accessory Drive/READ Belt Idler for Volvo - Vaico - V480166 - 31401193 - 140965In Stock+$24.95More info
  • Drive Belt Idler Pulley - Genuine Volvo - 31401193 - 235368Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$67.48More info
Accessory Belt Tensioner
(Select Optional Component)
  • Belt Tensioner - P3 S60 S80 V60 V70 XC60 XC70 - P2 XC90 for Volvo - Aftermarket - 30777695 - 31401286 - 140443In Stock+$48.95More info
  • 3.0 T6 & 3.2i Accessory Belt Tensioner for Volvo - INA - 5340324100 - 31401286 - 140966In Stock+$63.00More info
  • Belt Tensioner - Genuine Volvo - 31401286 - 235369Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$111.06More info
Accessory Belt Decoupler/Lower Pulley (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 3.0 3.2 SI6 Accessory Belt One-Way Decoupler Pulley for Volvo - INA - 5350195100 - 31316803 - 140470In Stock+$134.95More info
  • 3.0 3.2 SI6 Accessory Belt One-Way Decoupler Pulley - Genuine Volvo - 31316803 - 235238Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$354.34More info
Accessory Belt Decoupler Pulley Toolkit (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Alternator & Accessory Pulley Decoupler Tool Kit - Wilmar (Performance Tool) - W87024 - 141690In Stock+$116.95More info
Accessory Belt Decoupler Seal (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Timing Cover/Accessory Pulley Decoupler Seal 3.0 3.2 6 Cylinder for Volvo - Mahle - 813931100 - 30711317 - 140401In Stock+$18.95More info
  • 3.2i & 3.0 T6 Accessory Belt Pulley Seal - Genuine Volvo - 30711317 - 234649Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$14.59More info
  • Timing Cover/Accessory Pulley Decoupler Seal 3.0 3.2 6 Cylinder for Volvo - Victor reinz - 813931100 - 30711317 - 140971In Stock+$12.95More info
Accessory Belt Decoupler Seal Tool (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Alternator Decoupler Seal Installation Tool 3.0 3.2 6 Cyl - Genuine Volvo - 9997265 - 140961In Stock+$54.95More info
Water Pump (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 3.2i & 3.0 T6 Water Pump Kit (later SI6 engines) for Volvo - Graf - PA1139 - 31293303 - 140968In Stock+$70.95More info
  • Water Pump Kit - P3 6 Cylinder - Genuine Volvo - 31293303 - 125470Available to Order (Typically available to ship within a few days)+$198.40More info
Coolant (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Pentosin Pentofrost NF Coolant Concentrate, 1.5L - 8114117 - 31439821 - 140852In Stock+$26.78More info
  • Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate - Genuine Volvo - 31439821 - 124604In Stock+$23.39More info
  • Premix 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant - Aisin - ACB003 - 31439821 - 139983In Stock+$35.98More info
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When Volvo was developing their "short six" 3.2i and 3.0 T6 engines for transverse installation in engine bays, the accessory belt drive was relocated from the front (left) end of the engine to the rear (right) end, above the transmission. Putting belt-driven accessories like the water pump and A/C compressor in this free space above the transmission makes the six-cylinder SI6 even more compact than the old five-cylinder.

Both the primary accessories and the alternator are driven by this "R.E.A.D." (Rear Engine Accessory Drive) via one-way, freewheeling clutches in the pulleys, allowing the belts and accessories to gradually spin down when RPMs drop off. The extra second or two the accessories spend coasting down allows them to extract a little more energy from their own inertia, saving a bit of fuel while also subjecting the belts to gentler shock loads.

If you're above 100k miles and want to do scheduled service on all of these wear items, if you're hearing squeaks or chirps or rattles from the accessory belt area, or if you just want some peace of mind, this Accessory Drive Kit Builder will let you replace as much or as little of the engine-driven accessories as you wish.

We recommend the belt, tensioners, and idlers at a minimum, but if you've got continued grinding or chirping noises you can't identify (or if your car's at very high mileage), we suggest doing the decoupler and water pump "while you're in there."

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Additional Technical Information

This kit fits later SI6 "short six" cars, with electric power steering pumps and without spring-dampened water pump pulleys. If you can't determine which your car is equipped with, check the fitment notes below to find out based on chassis break.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Fits P3 chassis models for: 
- S80 6 cyl models chassis # 134001 and higher
- V70 6 cyl models chasiss # 167001 and higher
- XC60 6 cyl models chassis # 135000 and higher 
- S60 6 cyl models all.
- XC70 6 cyl models chassis # 94001 and higher
- V60 6 cyl models all. 

Verify prior to ordering. Your chassis number can be found as the last six digits of your VIN. 
If your car falls prior to one of the chassis breaks listed above, use this kit instead.

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