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Aftermarket Front Control Arm Kit P2 S60 V70 (aluminum style)

IPD Kit Builder - K21709

Front Control Arm Left
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  • Front Lower Control Arm Left S60 V70 - Aftermarket VM360 - Volvo 36051002In Stock+$95.95More info
Front Control Arm Right
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  • Front Lower Control Arm Right S60 V70 - Aftermarket VM365 - Volvo 36051003In Stock+$95.95More info
Sway Bar Link
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  • Front Anti Sway Bar Endlink P2 - Aftermarket VM632 - Volvo 31212692In Stock+$19.90More info
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Potential Product Fitment Issues

If you have a 2007 model year V70 or S60 you will need to visually inspect your car to determine which style control arm you Volvo is equipped with to ensure you order the correct parts.

Two different style control arms and ball joints were used on 2007 model S60 and V70 models. The obvious difference between the two designs in that the earlier control arms are aluminum and the later design are steel.  They are not interchangeable.

This aluminum control arm fits these models:

  • 2001-2006 S60 & S60R
  • 2001-2006 V70 & V70R
  • 2007 S60 and S60R w/ aluminum control arms (up to and including chassis number 626501)
  • 2007 V70 and V70R w/ aluminum control arms
    (Factory Code 1 up to and including chassis number 647148, FC 2 up to and including chassis number 645617)



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