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Strut Rod Update Kit - 700 900 Rubber

IPD - 140044

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If you have had your 700/900 series Volvo for very long you are probably familiar with the shimmy issues it develops sometimes. If you are not familiar yet, then pull up a chair and settle in for class. For years these issues were attributed to poor brake components but while this is a contributing factor, it is not the root of the most common problem.

The majority of these cars were made with a two piece front control arm design. The union between the arms contains bushings to damp flex. The design of the arms, the length of the rear arm (strut rod) and the design of the bushings were redone by Volvo multiple times. The strut rod (aka radius rod) union bushings are also famous for rapid deterioration and frequent needed maintenance. So all of these cars were not created equal and much of the struggle revolves around figuring out if your car has been updated or which variation it was updated to. Near the point that Volvo stopped actively supporting these cars they developed the most advanced design yet but the majority of customers never even heard about it.

The last design is referred to as the 388.5mm strut rod but there are more differences than just the length of the rod. The rods were also fitted with a larger pocketed bushing at the base to make the steering less susceptible to irregularities (bump steer). When combined with the later cone style rubber bushings or our IPD HD poly bushings the difference in control and response is stunning. As with many things developed over time, this design is probably where the car should have started in the first place and it mirrors many of the principles used in the more current generations of Volvo.

Please remember that you are potentially making a significant change to the steering alignment of your car here, so all these changes must be done in matched sets (left and right). It is also a good idea to get the toe aligned again after updating the components. We have put these together in kits with rubber and poly options to give you a broader choice. Also consider adding our lower chassis brace *IPD 105672* to complete the transformation and make this old tank a sports car (ish).

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

Note: The bushings on these control arms can be slightly offset. The bushings should be aligned with the angle of the rest of the suspension at ride height. Ensure that both arms are installed the same symmetrical way to prevent odd alignment or diving during braking. 

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