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HD Viton Gas Cap Seal

IPD - 139997

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It is incredibly common to see the fuel cap seals on Volvo models with heavy cracks from years of fuel sitting against them. This can cause issues on many Volvo models; not just in the fuel stench but in the evaporative control system as it can often time set check engine lights for an EVAP leak. If your fuel cap is still in good shape but the seal has seen better days, this is just the fix! 



Many aftermarket fuel cap seals aren't actually rated for fuel and will quickly give out; leaving you in the same situation as before. As Volvo doesn't sell the seal separately from the cap, we thought we would address this. IPD's HD seal is made from Viton which resists all sorts of chemicals, oils, hydraulic fluid, fuel and heat. We've used Viton in many applications from injector seals, oil cap seals and heater core o rings with great success! 






You'll notice this seal looks a bit different from the factory seal but retains the same ID, OD and height. This seal is an X profile seal which requires less force to seal and is ideal in places like this, where plastic is threading into metal (and you can't tighten it down very tight!)

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