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MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor LH 2.4

Aftermarket MAF1050 - 139933

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Genuine Volvo - 8251497, 3517020, 8111209, 8602792

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Air Mass Meters play a vital role maintaining fuel economy. Faulty Air Mass Meters cause the ECU to default to a “safe map” which generally means your car is going to run poorly due to the excess fuel being funneled through your Volvo’s injection system.

The Air Mass Meter depends on a few significant parts to ensure a longer operating life span. Volvo’s use a thermostat in the air filter box that controls a “hot/cold flapper valve” allowing hot air to flow through the intake to speed up emissions, especially on colder mornings. If the air box thermostat fails, the flapper valve in air box generally fails in the open position, allowing the pre-heat hose off the exhaust manifold, routing hot air through the intake system past the air mass meter. Electrical components don’t like excessive heat. The constant heat running past the Air Mass Meter will eventually cause the circuit board to crack, leaving the soldering board deteriorated and not able to function. IPD has many solutions in replacing and maintaining your Volvos Air Mass Meter.

Please note: This MAF sensor is an updated version that is different from the original hot platinum wire style.  It is  a similar design to later style sensors (i.e. LH 3.1) with an air intake temperature thermistor and a heating resistor.  While it may not look exactly like the original, it is a direct replacement that will function the same or better than the original. That being said, for reasons that have not yet been determined, we have seen a very small number of cars in the application range that won't run with this updated design.  

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

Most of these models are equipped with a thermostat controlled air flap in the air filter housing. This system is designed to speed up engine warm up (for emissions purposes) but if the thermostat fails, it diverts hot air full-time from the exhaust manifold through the air mass meter and will cook the MAF sensor electronics.

We highly recommend you replace the air filter thermostat at the same time as the MAF (air mass) sensor!

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