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IPD HD Billet & Polyurethane Transmission Torque Mount - 1998-2000 S70 V70 AWD

IPD - 139837

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For years we have offered our billet transmission torque mount for most P80 and P2 chassis 5 cylinder models. Although this fit most cars, the P80 chassis AWD models utilize a slightly different transmission torque mount; specifically the small end of the torque mount. We saw this gap in the market and now have our new billet torque mount for these P80 chassis AWD models!  

Most front wheel drive and all wheel drive Volvos utilize a link style transmission mount installed between the transmission and the engine sub frame. This mount is designed to limit the amount of torque on the power train while accelerating. The mount has two bushings that have a history of failing prematurely. When the bushings fail, it allows the engine and transmission to shift under torque load. This causes stress on the other mounts and noticeably reducing shifting smoothness.

Ipd has developed a high quality bolt in solution. The ipd torque mount comes complete with polyurethane bushings that replace the weak rubber factory style. The ipd mount is constructed out of high quality billet aluminum providing resistance against road debris. Ipd’s new torque mount is not only the best functional piece available in the market, the appearance stands out like nothing else! Completely machined out of durable billet aluminum, clear anodized, and ipd branded torque mount will let others know you’ve invested in the best possible product.

NOTE: These polyurethane bushings are firmer than the stock rubber parts they replace and WILL transmit additional vibration. Especially if the motor mounts and or transmission mounts are worn. When you replace the worn out rubber mount, much of the load is now supported by the new stiffer bushing and this can often lead to unwanted vibration, especially at idle on models equipped with automatic transmissions. It’s important to make sure that your other mounts are in good condition. 

Additionally, if you're replacing multiple upgraded polyurethane mounts this condition can be amplified. Firming up the engine mounting is a trade-off - better performance may come at the price of increased vibration and engine feel through the cabin.

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Note: Will only fit P80 chassis AWD models (S70 AWD, V70 AWD, V70R, V70XC). For FWD models use IPD #120546

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