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Oil Filler Funnel - P3 6 Cylinder

CTA - 139842

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Those of us that own newer model Volvos know the frustration of trying to add oil to the motor, mis-pouring and ending up with oil on top of the motor instead of where it belongs! The location of the oil filler hole on many models is placed in such a way that it can be very difficult to cleanly add oil to your engine. Especially when trying to pour from the larger 5 quart containers. 

This handy funnel tool makes the job easy. Simply remove your oil cap and install the red cap adapter. Then stick the funnel into the cap for a leak free seal. Works on various P3 6 cylinder models. 

It's the small things that can make servicing and maintaining your Volvos a more pleasant experience. This oil filler funnel is surely one of them!

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