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Oil Change Kit Builder - B18 B20 B21 B23 B230 Non-Turbo

IPD Kit Builder - K20991

Initial Kit Builder price is based on defaults and will change based on selections you make below.
Oil Filter
(Select Optional Component)
  • Spin-On Oil Filter - Mann W917 - Volvo 3517857In Stock+$7.19More info
  • Spin-On Oil Filter 3517857 - Mahle OC204OF - VolvoAvailable to Order (Backorders are typically available to ship within two weeks)+$6.69More info
  • Spin-On Oil Filter - Genuine Volvo 3517857In Stock+$14.95More info
Drain Plug Crush Washer
(Select Optional Component)
  • Oil Pan Drain Plug Seal Washer - Aftermarket - Volvo 18818In Stock+$0.39More info
  • Oil Pan Drain Plug Seal Washer - Genuine Volvo 18818In Stock+$1.59More info
Engine Oil
(Select Optional Component)
  • Motul Classic 80s 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil - 240 260 740 760 780 940 960 - 110619 - OE Fluids XREFIn Stock+$43.78More info
  • Motul Classic Performance 20W50 Mineral Engine Oil - 110621 - OE Fluids XREFIn Stock+$45.90More info
  • Quartz 7000 Future XT - Semi-Synthetic Oil 5w30 - Total TOTQTZ70005W3012X1 - OE Fluids XREFIn Stock+$31.96More info
  • Quartz Future 7000 XT - Semi Synthetic Oil 10w30 - Total TOTCLASSIC1030 - OE Fluids XREFIn Stock+$31.96More info
  • Mobil Super - 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic - 124404 - OE Fluids XREF 5W30Available to Order (Backorders are typically available to ship within a few days)+$29.56More info
Reminder Sticker (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Oil Change Reminder Sticker - IPD 124746In Stock+$0.50More info
Drain Plug (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug - IPD 125056 - Volvo 986831 18818In Stock+$5.95More info
Oil Cap Seal (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • HD Viton Oil Cap Seal - IPD 115315 - Volvo 1275379In Stock+$6.95More info
  • Oil Filler Cap Seal - Aftermarket - Volvo 1275379In Stock+$0.79More info
  • Oil Filler Cap Seal - Genuine Volvo 1275379In Stock+$9.49More info
Oil Filter Tool (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Oil Filter Grabber for Volvo - Wilmar (Performance Tool) W54311In Stock+$11.95More info
  • Oil Filter Strap Wrench - Wilmar (Performance Tool) W173CIn Stock+$5.49More info
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Repair & maintenance

Product Description

Build your own oil change! Pick anything from just a filter and crush washer to engine oil, a drain plug, filter removal tools and more! 

About IPD Kit Builder

Our knowledgeable staff has taken all the busy work out of researching products for your project. Inside each Kit Builder are recommended components that are necessary when performing a specific task. The customer now has the power to select each item, catering to their brand preference, budget, and availabiity. 

We have Kit Builders for front brakes, rear brakes, front suspension, rear suspension and tune up kits as well. 

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