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Quartz Ineo Efficiency 0W30 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Total TOTQTZEFFI030 - 139704

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Oil, fluids & chemicals
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OE Fluids XREF - 0W30

Product Description

Total Ineo Efficiency synthetic motor oil is created to ensure maximum engine longevity on modern engines. Constructed with detergent addititives to reduce buildup in the engine; preventing additional wear, as well as having extremely consistent viscosity over the oils lifespan for excellent longevity and low wear. 

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Additional Technical Information

In "short six" (3.2i and T6) and V8 applications, this 0W-30 oil may be used in "extreme engine operation" conditions (very high or low temperatures, towing and mountain driving).

If desired, alternate grades within the high and low ranges of this chart (like 0W-40 and 5W-40) may also be used, provided the oils meet quality specifications like ACEA A5/B5 and/or ILSAC GF-5/GF-6

About Total

Total is a brand we are happy to recommend in place of Genuine Volvo oil.

French-based Total Energies stands alongside other premium European petroleum lubrication brands like Mobil1 and Castrol, working hand-in-hand with OEMs to engineer oil that meets the demanding requirements of today's high-performance engines.

The Total oils IPD carries for Volvos meet all API specs for viscosity, detergents/sludge buildup, and wear resistance, as well as being certified under Volvo's own stringent VSS and VCC approvals for extended-drain service interval oils. 

We trust Total in all of our cars, whether it's 5W-30 Quartz 7000 synthetic blend in our old 240s or 0W-20 Quartz 9000 full synthetic in brand new twin-charged T8s. 

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