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Brake Booster

Aftermarket - 106743

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While there are many symptoms that are potentially attributable to a vacuum booster that does not function correctly, most of these are fairly rare. However if your booster makes a whistling or whooshing noise under the dash when the pedal is applied and the engine stumbles a bit, then the diaphragms have certainly failed. While this may look very complex, it is actually a pretty straight ahead install and a careful mechanic can even do this without bleeding the hydraulic brake system.

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

While most North American (non-ABS) 240s use this DBA/Bendix 8-inch diameter brake booster, several different ones were used on various 200-series models, and you should measure your your current brake booster diameter and check its part number before ordering:

  • 10” Girling: 1206227, 1229576
  • 9” DBA / Bendix: 1229335
  • 8” DBA / Bendix: 1229336*
  • 8” Girling: 1229335*

*Both 8" boosters are double diaphragm, 6" thick compared to the thinner 9" and 10" boosters.

This is the 8" DBA/Bendix booster, frequently listed in manuals and catalogs as ALTERNATE 2 by Volvo. 80mm master mounting stud spacing, firewall mount is 4 stud 142mm x 90mm rectangular pattern.

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