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Bronze Shifter Bushings - M46 M47

STS Machining - 139634

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Although your Volvo may be a tank, the shifter bushings on the M46 and M47 transmissions fitted to the 2/7/900 series Volvo models have something to be desired. It's common to shift through the gears on these cars and have to guess what gear the car is going into as the stock bushings provide a mushy, irregular shift pattern. 
These bushing kits by STS Machining are a replacement for your factory units that will tighen up the shifter feel on your M46/ M47 transmission and provide crisp, clean shifts.

Replacement is fairly straightforward (Exactly like replacing the OEM bushings) and involves using a punch to remove the lower dowel on the shifter rod, raising it up into the cabin and then removing the chrome cover on the upper section of the shift rod to gain access to the upper pivot bushings. It may be necessary to lower the transmission slightly to gain better access to the shift linkage.

It's also not a bad idea to replace the rubber cage bushings while you're at it (see recommended products tab). We also recommend lubricating all the bushings to give the best longevity. 

About STS Machining

STS Machining manufactures and sell products that can be used to upgrade the performance of your Volvo. 

All of the products provided were independently developed by STS but some are exclusively available through IPD.

They are constantly striving to create more new parts to improve the drivability of your vehicle.

We have loved and trusted STS Machining for many years and trust their products on your Volvo. 

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