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Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose - P80 850 S70 V70 C70

DO88 - 125345

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Volvo’s turbo intake system left some room for improvement when it comes to performance. The factory fresh air pipe is corrugated and reduces down to a diameter that is smaller than the turbo inlet. These restrictions can slow the spool up time and create hotter intake temperatures. Your intake is constantly under vacuum and pressure so maximizing the efficiency in the intake system is very important.

Our steel wire reinforced 3" diameter HD silicone turbo inlet pipe incorporates all the necessary fittings for install while also giving you some flexibility to run different style setups. Specifically, our inlet pipe is 76mm inner diameter and utilizes a 76mm I.D. connection to the air mass meter (MAF). The original air mass meter on these cars is 70mm. Our kit includes a reducter sleeve to properly install with the original air mass meter. Because of this it's also compatible with larger diameter, 76mm diameter air mass meters.

Note: On 1999 and later models the included silicone spacer will not be used on the MAF side as they already have the larger air mass meter. Additionally the TCV line that runs to the fresh air hose near the turbocharger will be reloacated up nearer to the mass air flow sensor. 

Additionally our inlet kit features a 25mm/1 inch boss for those running non-factory style compressor bypass valves. Works great for those that have converted to an external style bypass valve. A plug is also included for those running the factory, turbo-integrated style bypass valve.

Our turbo inlet pipe is designed with a 70mm inner diameter to work with upgraded 70mm turbo inlets like the K24 turbo found on later R models. This is intentional to allow flexibility to use our kit with different turbochargers. Our inlet hose can of course be installed together with the factory turbocharger that uses 60mm turbo inlet, the hose clamp just needs to be cinched down to ensure a leak free connection.

Please note that the original PTC valve is reused. It needs to be removed from the factory pipe and installed in our silicone inlet pipe. Additionally, you'll need to slightly modify the PTC valve to fit into the new hose. Simply shave off the little plastic tabs on the sides and clamp it into the new pipe.

About DO88

DO88 is a small company based in Nykvarn, Sweden. Starting off in 2007 selling universal silicone hoses, DO88 has grown exponentially over the years. Being Swedes, they have put a lot of effort in Saab and Volvo over the years, but today DO88 has 170 various silicone hose kits (and counting), model adapted intercoolers, oil coolers, radiators and more. 

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