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Heavy Duty Compressor Bypass Valve

IPD - 124917

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Ipd's heavy duty compressor bypass valve (HD CBV) upgrades the stock components to help you maximize boost development while properly protecting the turbo from boost surge that can come from higher than stock boost levels. Our kit is complete and comes with a new HD diaphragm, standard replacement spring, 10lb & 14lb springs and a new follower.

Symptoms of torn or failing factory CBV's are:

  • Delayed boost developement or low boost across the board
  • Fluttering or surging when closing the throttle when in boost
  • Erratic boost developement

Spring selection...
The stock spring is 8 lbs and good for up to 12 lbs of boost. The included blue spring is 10 lbs and good for up to 17 lbs of boost. The included red spring is 14 lbs and good for up to 25 lbs of boost.

It's better to go conservative with your spring selection, if you're running 16 psi boost, run the 10 lb spring as it is the closest given your boost pressure. If you're pushing 19+ psi then step up to the red 14 lb spring.

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