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Silvered Front Turn Signal Bulb

Flosser 6671SV - 121778

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PY21W 12V 21W
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Single filament amber 21 Watt 12 volt bulb with offset pins.

In an effort to modernize and streamline the look of the lighting, late model "modern" Volvos often use amber bulbs for the turn signals that have a silver coating on them. The silver coating make them look much less orange and much more integrated when not illuminated. As soon as they're illuminated they still cast the same amber color. 

A small change that can really change and modernize the look of your turn signals.

Disclaimer: Our light bulb applications are based on a combination of available information from Volvo and our own experience. We do not guarantee a bulb will fit your particular application as unpredictable variations that can occur. For example, Volvo may have changed the OE supplier on a lamp assembly during the production run and the replacement part may use a different bulb than the original part. There are also variations in the same model, like having Xeon versus halogen headlamps. Many times there is no definitive way to determine which bulb is needed without physically checking the existing bulb.

*Please note - some S60R and V70R models may have been fitted with 1157 style dual filament bulbs in the front turn signal/parking light position. While this is not common, it is possible. If you are unsure please inspect the bulb currently in the car. If it has a dual filament bulb use IPD part number 106675. If it has a single filament bulb use IPD part number 105930.

About Flosser

"Made in Quality - not just words, but a dedication." Flosser is from Trier/Germany where they have been supplying automotive lighting products related to the safety of driving for over 50 years: bulbs for cars, motor-cycles, trucks and buses, fuses, relays and also signal horns. Not only is FLÖSSER known for high quality products, but also for providing customised service. 


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